2023 Calendar Neighbors, Friends and Guides. Stories of Interaction Between Human and Non-human Animals 

Illustrated by: Manuel Vargas

Editorial coordination: Josefa Ortega and Mariana Malinalli Camarena

Design: Gabriela Cruz and Hibrahim Silva

Texts: Shared by neighbors, allies and collaborators in various territories

Allies: Uyool Che´ AC from Felipe Carrillo Puerto, state of Quintana Roo; Kolijke from Ocomantla, state of Puebla; Rangel Acosta family from Cosamaloapan, state of Veracruz; Semillero creativo de ilustración from Zongolica, state of Veracruz; Bachillerato comunitario Ikoots from San Mateo del Mar, state of Oaxaca; Memoria Mazateca de la Sierra Mazateca, state of Oaxaca; Calpulli Tecalco from Milpa Alta, Mexico City; Masehual Sihuamej Moselyonchicahuanij from Cuetzalan, state of Puebla; and Xinach Trío, huasteco musicians from San Miguel Tzinacapan, state of Puebla.


The 2023 calendar about various experiences in the interaction between human and non-human animals was carried out jointly. Neighbors from Santa Maria la Ribera and collaborators from Milpa Alta, Oaxaca, Puebla, Quintana Roo and Veracruz shared stories of their locales on symbolic, productive and affective relationships.

Page count: 14

Publish date: 2022