Casa Gallina is a transdisciplinary cultural project whose programming is focused on learnings and actions relating culture, community, and the environment. The project is located in Santa María la Ribera, a neighborhood of Mexico City, where it seeks to facilitate synergies inside the local communities.
Through its platforms, Casa Gallina seeks to promote, inoculate, encourage, and revitalize initiatives and proposals about resilience, the environment, creative models of associations, life styles of responsible consumption, as well as alternative models of social interaction. Casa Gallina also seeks to strengthen local community networks, as well as alliances with initiatives from other areas that share similar interests to establish processes of dialogue, work, and exchange.
Since 2019

neighbors actively
participating in programs

online spectators
indirect beneficiaries
(number of inhabitants
of Santa María la Ribera)


 for the common good

Collaborations with
12 local schools, supporting
the creative and meaningful education
of 2,500 children, and
the work of 103 teachers


I found the course very interesting, very creative,
it aroused a great awareness of recycling in my kids,
and awakened their interest to investigate things they did,
such as the periscope. It was very motivating,
they actually did the activities all by themselves,
without anyone pushing them, it made them forget about the pandemic
and made them want to go back to school...

- Damaris Luna, mother of children who participated in the 2021 Summer School “Joining the Dots”


59 allies have expanded
Casa Gallina’s work in
39 communities across
17 states

Reaching 14,372 people
in other territories

books published
and distributed
  We Are Maize         
A Manual of Tools
for Collective Mapping

Interconnections: Big
and Small Creatures
in the Same World

of the print run
consists of editions in 8
indigenous languages:
    Zapoteco, Maya, Náhuatl, Wixárika,
    Purépecha, Ombeayiüts, Tsotsil
    and Tseltal

Related initiatives

Casa Gallina strives to build and strengthen networks of alliances with collectives, individuals, civil society organizations and public or private institutions with whom we share common interests. Collaborative processes are built in different formats and frameworks, which weave networks to share resources, strategies and methodologies.

These different alliances aim to enable processes and actions related to critical narratives, so as to trigger collective experiences on ecology, resilience, community liassons and creativity in daily life.

The collaborative network is built through the implementation of strategies and programs by Casa Gallina, which consistently enjoys the support of a wide range of allies. The following list presents our institutional alliances; the individual collaborators are covered under each of the strategies implemented. This list is constantly changing since it continues to grow longer.

  • Uyoolche AC
  • Stsebetik Bolom
  • Pixca Campesina
  • Museo Regional Mixteco - Tlayúa
  • Monapaküy, Organización Comunitaria
  • Masehual Siuamej Mosenyolchicuani
  • Ka Yok Planetario de Cancún
  • El Colectivo Xok k’iin
  • Didxaza Xtinuu
  • Comunidad Sinanché
  • Centro Cultural Antiguo Colegio Jesuita
  • CASA Centro de las artes de San Agustin ETLA
  • Cañada de los once pueblos
  • APISA A.C. (Asamblea de Pueblos Indígenas por la Soberanía Alimentaria)
  • Proyecto Santa María
  • Zutut´Ha
  • Fundación Alfredo Harp Helú Oaxaca, A.C.
  • Pronatura Sur A.C.
  • Alternare A.C.
  • Unión de Cooperativas Tosepan Titataniske
  •  Universidad Intercultural de Chiapas
  • Proyecto de Desarrollo Rural Integral Vicente Guerrero A.C.
  • Mujeres, Organización y Territorios MOOTS A.C.
  • El Maíz de Nuestra Tierra
  • Alianza Milpa
  • The Milpa Project
  • Dinastía Náhuatl
  • Yo'onik Comunidad de aprendizaje
  • Casa de cultura de Aculco
  • Escuela Primaria Plan de San Luis
  • Preescolar Kapilton Malintsi Tlamachtilistli
  • Escuela Secundaria Enedino Jiménez
  • El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR)
  • Servicios para una Educación Alternativa en Oaxaca A.C.
  • Cine Too, El cine encantado de Guelatao
  • Primer Taller de Arte Contemporaneo Ko´oxtuukul, ko´oxdoom
  • Grupo de Estudios Ambientales
  • IXIM
  • Telesecundaria Tetsijtsilin
  • IAGO Instituto de Artes Gráficas de Oaxaca
  • Biblioteca Pública Municipal José F. Gomez
  • BS Biblioteca Infantil de Oaxaca
  • Miscelanea Cultural Yohuala
  • Enlace Comunicación y Capacitación A.C.
  • Proyecto Mixteca Sustentable A.C.
  • Asociación Cultural Na Bolom, A.C.
  • Museo Cabañas
  • Kolijke
  • Estanquillo El 32
  • Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo
  • Cooperativa de consumo La imposible
  • Asamblea de Defensores del Territorio Maya Múuch’ Xíinbal
  • Museo de Geología
  • Fundación Tortilla de Maíz Mexicana
  • Calpulli Tecalco