From Maize Field to Plate – Stories and Flavors we Inhabit

Allies: Calpulli Tecalco A.C. Angélica Palma Rodríguez

Edited by: Casa Gallina

Editorial coordination: David Hernández

Design: Alan Retama, Gabriela Cruz and Ingrid Ramírez

Texts: María del Refugio Contreras, Carolina Castillo, Georgina Navarrete, Julio Cesar Lugo, Carmen Monroy, Olivia Jiménez, Eduardo Cortés, Isadora Mora, Alicia Ascencio, Mónica Jaimes, Paula Ramón and Alejandra del Toro


This recipe book contains twelve recipes by the same number of neighbors who took part in the Flavors and Knowledge of the Maize Field program, held between June and October 2021, coordinated by Angelica Palma from Calpulli Tecalco. In order to create this recipe book, participants were invited to share a recipe that uses produce from the maize field and to talk about their memories linked to it, as well as to explain its relevance in their life experiences.

Page count: 31

Publish date: 2021