Kuxtalil tin maya bak' paach. U áanalte'il ti'al bix u yoksikuba máak yóok olkaab. Je'el bix suukile' (Maya)

Illustrated by Adriana Quezada

Editorial coordination: Josefa Ortega

Design: Deborah Guzmán

Texts: Roxanna Erdman

Translation and edition: Maya - Pedro Uc , Diidxazá (Zapotec from the Isthmus) - Vicente Marcial, Mazateco - Juana Guerrero García


Every territory preserves widespread cultural wisdom that nourishes the daily life dynamics of the communities that live there. Life in My Surroundings: How to Integrate Into the World Naturally is a publication aimed at young readers that suggests various activities to deepen their knowledge of their surroundings, fostering their curiosity and capacity to discover, observe and explore. Life in My Surroundings proposes intergenerational links, promoting relationships between children and the elderly, which recover knowledge on changes in the surroundings, local flora and fauna, as well as the interrelations between species, recipes, and others. The focus in these teachings fosters understanding the environment as a living being in constant flux, that is profoundly affected by the decisions made every day by us humans, whether individually or collectively. We hope this project will not only stir the curiosity and imagination of its readers, but will also contribute to generate actions that build positive habitats and environmental awareness in the consumption and daily life decisions of the youngsters and their families.

Language: Maya

Page count: 64

Publish date: 2022