Interconnections: Creatures Great and Small in the Same World (Interconexiones. Criaturas grandes y pequeñas en el mismo mundo)

Tseltal translation: Eduviges Méndez

Editorial coordination: Josefa Ortega

Design: Deborah Guzmán

Texts: Roxanna Erdman

Illustrations: Alexis Lago


Interconnections: Creatures Great and Small in the Same World is a book aimed at young readers to think together with them, the relationship of humans with fauna. We need new ways to coexist while being aware of the importance of nature. Respect for animals, rather than domination, abuse and exploitation of them, is essential to maintain the balance of the environment and regenerate ecosystems’ vital cycles. That respect is also necessary to generate more supportive and horizontal relationships between human beings. We hope that this book not only awakens the curiosity and imagination of its readers, young and old, but also stimulates committed action, transformation and care towards improving humans’ integral relationship with the natural world. The book is a tool for educational processes both in Santa María la Ribera and in Tseltal communities through an alliance with IXIM A.C., an organization operating n the state of Chiapas

Print run: 1000 tseltal and Spanish bilingual copies

Page count: 72

Publish date: 2020

Allies: IXIM A.C.