Nácanu xuba’ (Zapotec)

Translations: Alberto Castro Cruz (Náhuatl), Vicente Marcial Cerqueda (Zapotec) y Pedro Uc Be (Maya).

Editorial coordination: Josefa Ortega

Design: Luis Miguel Leon

Texts: Roxanna Erdman

Illustrations: Adriana Campos

Languages: 1,000 in Spanish, 500 in Nahuatl, 500 in Mayan and 500 in Zapotec


We Are Maize is a book directed at younger readers, as much to the neighbors of Santa María la Ribera in Mexico City as to those belonging to Mayan, Zapotec and Nahua communities, towards celebrating, commemorating and nurture the consumption of maize. This grain has been a fundamental component in both the food and culture of our country, where sixty-four different species of it are grown, the majority of them being native to Mexico. This richness in biodiversity is closely related to a grand cultural complexity that has consolidated an essential part of local identities across the various regions where cosmogonies, rituals and culinary patrimony are associated with the consumption of this grain.

Page count: 32

Publish date: Octubre de 2019