Sabores y saberes de la milpa (Flavors and Knowledge from the Maize Field)

Edition: Casa Gallina and Calpulli Tecalco

Translations and editorial care in Nahuatl: Alberto Castro Cruz

Editorial coordination: Josefa Ortega and María Angélica Palma Rodríguez

Texts: Extracted from sessions given by the participants indicated in each section.

Illustrations: Adriana Campos Hierro

Text transcription: Oscar Moreno

Layout: Gabriela Cruz


Flavors and Knowledge from the Maize Field, published in Spanish and Nahuatl,  is the result of a wide range of exchange, work and affection between Casa Gallina and Calpulli Tecalco. Its pages gather an educational process developed between both venues which included a series of workshops and field visits to approach and learn fundamental aspects of raising a maize field, its produce, its different foodstuffs and recipes. It is now developed into an editorial project that strives to generate a dialogue between inhabitants of Malachtepec Momoxco, in Milpa Alta, and neighbors from Santa Maria la Rivera around a shared interest.
Typical produce from a maize field, such  tlaolli  (corn), yetl (beans) in addition to wild and cultivated plants such as  quelites (a type of spinach), chilacayohotli  (gourd) and metl (maguey cactus), are all part of the Flavors and Knowledge from the Maize Field, along with vital processes in our culinary culture, such  as nixtamalization.

Language: Spanish

Page count: 48

Publish date: 2023