Xi guendanabani nuu ra nabeza. Nezaguendabiaani' gulisaanu guidxilayú ne guendanabani (Zapotec)

Illustrated by Adriana Quezada

Editorial coordination: Josefa Ortega

Design: Deborah Guzmán

Texts: Roxanna Erdman

Translation and edition: Maya - Pedro Uc , Diidxazá (Zapotec from the Isthmus) - Vicente Marcial, Mazateco - Juana Guerrero García


Every territory preserves widespread cultural wisdom that nourishes the daily life dynamics of the communities that live there. Life in My Surroundings: How to Integrate Into the World Naturally is a publication aimed at young readers that suggests various activities to deepen their knowledge of their surroundings, fostering their curiosity and capacity to discover, observe and explore.

Language: Zapotec

Page count: 64

Publish date: 2022