Recreate. A Compilation of Educational Strategies

Editorial coordination: Josefa Ortega, Mariana Camarena and Cecilia Pompa

Design: Ulrich Santa María

Texts: Mariana Camarena and Cecilia Pompa, recovered testimonials that each authors refers to

Illustrations: From the board game "I Recreate the City", by Jimena Estíbaliz

Copy editor: Andrea Cuevas


Recreate. A Compilation of Educational Strategies, gathers the exchanges, dialogues and experiences generated during a work process attended by a group of formal and informal educators from different parts of the country, who were invited to activate and adopt the table game I Recreate the City produced by Casa Gallina in 2019.

The publication aims to spread the table game’s methodology and resources, in order to enable other educators to activate it in an editorial format. Having educational projects developed by teachers helps build a dialogue between peers, an exchange based on knowledge of their shared educational experience.

Language: Spanish

Page count: 175

Publish date: 2023