Stories and Flavors we Inhabit

Editorial coordination: David Hernández

Design: Viridiana Cabrera and Gabriela Cruz

Texts: Rosalía Hernández, Lourdes Mendoza, Rocío Jiménez, Jessarela Miranda, Cynthia Roens, Avril Ferrer, Maria Elena López y Raquel Díaz


This recipe book gathers the recipes and experiences of eight female neighbors who took part in the cooking program Flavors of the Earth – Ingredients, Knowledge and Ecosystems of Tlaxcala and Flowers, Prickly Pears, Maguey Cactus, Larvae and Worms – Otomi Cuisine from the Hidalgo Desert. Through these pages, the participants share the recipes they use for their families’ enjoyment and health. Their tales plunge us into the memories of their roots, highlighting experiences of affection and care for their loved ones.

Page count: 24

Publish date: 2022