Stories and Flavors we Inhabit

Editorial coordination: David Hernández

Design: Gabriela Cruz, Naomi Mancera and Andrea Holguín

Texts: Miguel Iwadare and Balbina Pérez

Allies: Miguel Iwadare and Balbina Pérez

Illustrations: Naomi Mancera and Andrea Holguín


This recipe book is the result of 4 encounters between neighbors held between April and July 2023, under the name Stories and Flavors we Inhabit. The menus included several recipes shared by residents of Santa Maria la Ribera, along with a list of alternate markets and producers. Each recipe is accompanied by particular experiences and memories linking each neighbor to this food, thus revealing a community that not only shares culinary knowledge, but also an intimate glimpse into their lives.

This publication is one of the initiatives promoted by neighbors who take part in our programs, with the aim of sharing their knowledge and experiences within the community.

Page count: 40

Publish date: 2023