The Distributed Orchard (La huerta distribuida)

Editorial coordination: Valentina Sánchez and Rodrigo Simancas

Design: Daniel Bolívar

Texts: Adria Belio, Alejandro Méndez, América García Aguayo


This book is a publication which gathers conversations in a WhatsApp group coordinated by Casa Gallina on the subject of urban agriculture, along with other testimonials from neighbors who joined their efforts and collective learning in 2020 and 2021, during the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. They exchanged mutual support, knowledge and affection at a distance during this period, which allowed them to make their kitchen gardens more efficient and build a diverse community around urban agriculture and permaculture. The publication serves as an archive that can be replicated by any kitchen garden community seeking new alternatives of organization, hence a programmatic platform is envisaged for 2022, so the authors can extend this network of shared learning to other territories.

Page count: 88

Publish date: 2021