Xurawitsixi. Xapa Teyuparewieniki Mapeostitetewaki (Wixárika)

Languages: 1000 copies in Spanish, 500 in Tsotsil, 500 in Obeayiüts, 500 in Purépecha and 500 in Wixárika

Editorial coordination: Josefa Ortega, Rosa Elba Camacho

Design: Deborah Guzmán

Texts: Brenda J. Caro Cocotle

Illustrations: Joze Daniel


Constellations is a manual that was born out of an initiative of generating critical knowledge tools and interactions between communities and their territories. The contents were developed from the 2015 collaboration between Casa Gallina and Los Iconoclasistas, Julia Risler and Pablo Ares duo, whose work pioneered the development of methodologies and tools for collective mapping to critically understand territories. The content of this publication generates available tools for collective work, improving the resources available for the diagnosis of everyday problems and concerns of community life. The material is especially aimed at knowing and understanding the processes that threaten the territory and traditional practices of coexistence with the natural environment. This publication will be distributed and activated with organizations, groups and community leaders throughout the country who hold a body of social work that would be extended using this tool. They will be able to identify common ground, analyze it and address the problems attached to their territory from various perspectives. The profile of these projects has a crucial component of openness, that is, they are open organizations, which bring community members together at public spaces. Often the resources available for this sector are scarce; with this in mind, the publication includes alternatives that help adapt to the resources available in any setting, keeping its focus on enhancing critical observation of the social aspects that threaten universal access to the common goods necessary to preserve harmony with nature.

Page count: 112

Publish date: Marzo de 2020