Breaths: Seven Notes on Reading Mediation

Editorial coordination: Josefa Ortega and Rodrigo Simancas

Design: Santiago Solís Montes de Oca

Texts: Cinthya Roens, Martha Elena Garay Soto, Gabriela Almeida Sarabia, Sandra Jiménez, Perla Isabel Silva López, Rocío Elizabeth Reynaga Meza, Jessica Ayón, Vanya Lizeth Pereyra, Verónica Vázquez López and Carola Diez

Illustrations: Santiago Solís Montes de Oca


The publication, a result of the coordinated process led by educator Carola Diez, documents the support provided to a group of women from February to November 2022. During this time, efforts were focused on the conceptualization and implementation of activities centered around reading mediation. Participants share, in their own words, the experiences and lessons learned in their mediation spaces. In these contexts, each one applied collective responses to questions about the relevance of their goals and how to overcome constraints related to management, logistics, and production.

The primary purpose of this publication is to reach other reading facilitators, providing them with stories in which they can see themselves reflected and, thus, draw inspiration from the solutions proposed by this group of women to trigger processes within each of their contexts.

Page count: 76

Publish date: 2024