Lunar Calendar 2024. The Sense of the Garden

Illustrations: Dulce Chacón

Editorial coordination: Josefa Ortega and Rodrigo Simancas

Design: Gabriela Cruz and Naomi Mancera

Texts: María Natalia Tinoco Villanueva, Jessarela Miranda, Rebeca Abad Alcántara, Aseneth Ureña Ramón, Yolanda Melgarejo Reséndiz, Lourdes Cruz Terán and Sami Esfahani


From August to October 2022, the workshop "The Sense of the Garden" took place, where thirteen neighbors from Santa María la Ribera gathered with herbalism specialist Sami Esfahani to reflect on gardens in the city and to learn more about the processes of herbalism and its uses in daily life.

These exchanges culminated in the publication of a book, where seven neighbors share personal ties that connect them to their gardens. This publication is the source from which extracts were obtained and integrated into the calendar.

Page count: 14

Publish date: 2023